A Must DIY Rice Facial Toner

I think you know by now, I love making my own DIY beauty products. Today we are going to talk about tried and true facial toners – DIY and products from Amazon.

I’m going to show you some good ways to tone your skin with a healthy, hydrating, organic rice water toner loaded with vitamins and antioxidants and, you can easily make this rice water toner at home.

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You may or may not know how good rice water is for your skin. Rice water is refreshing, PH rebalancing and super easy to make. Asian women have known about this secret for a very long time. Rice water can make your skin soft and supple while helping reduce the look of large pores and it even absorbs oil. Since rice contains vitamins, mainly B1,C,E, ferric acid and allantoin. All of these nutrients contained naturally in rice are also great for the health of your skin, who doesn’t want a glowing complexion! Rice water can brighten , tighten and fade dark spots naturally.

So let’s learn how to make this magic potion, which (surprise) you don’t need much at all.

sen organics, mature model makeup look, mature beauty model, skincare

I use organic white jasmine rice. Jasmine rice smells so delicious and I like this rice because of the consistency of the water it makes, just slightly thicker and creamier than other rice I’ve tried. You need:

  • 1/4 cup jasmine rice
  • 1/2 cup water, I use alkaline water but you don’t have to

Quickly rinse your rice in cold water, so that you can keep the benefits of the rice. here’s a how to make DIY facial rice toner below:

  • Boil your 1/2 cup of water and pour the water over your rice in a bowl, let the rice soak overnight for the best results.
  • This is all I do usually to my rice water, I will run it through a strainer and put it in a bottle and keep it in the fridge and use it any time to refresh my skin. I always use it before bed, before my night creams, and in the morning before my makeup.
  • Use additives: Sometimes I will make my rice water toner with some additives. I use the same recipe but I will sometimes add 3 drops of peppermint oil and a tablespoon of aloe juice (organic and no additives or sugar).
  • Essential Oils: You can add any essential oils such as lavender. If you have very dry skin, you can also add one teaspoon of your facial oil. I normally use

When I want to use a store bought rice water toner, I have a couple I just love. The reason I chose these 2 is because they have unique ingredients and they both work really well.

Here are some store bought facial toners I’ve tried that works best for you:

Thank You Farmer (rice pure essential toner). This toner is hypoallergenic which is great if you have sensitive skin like I have and it has a super brightening function, my skin glows after I use this toner. It’s also great at cleaning every trace of makeup off your skin. It’s also naturally moisturizing, it doesn’t strip your own oils and it is formulated will 100% botanical ingredients. I also keep this in the fridge, it’s so refreshing.

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(photo by @missbeautycharm)

Skin Food – has a really delicious(sounding) rice toner, its called Skin Food Peach Sake toner. I use this toner mainly in the summer to freshen up. It’s formulated for oily skin. I tend to be oiler in the summer. I put this toner in a spray bottle and use it if I’m feeling oily. After I use this as a spray, I’ll blot my face gently with a paper towel. It absorbs the extra oil, doesn’t mess up your makeup and refreshes you in the process. This peach sake toner contains peach and Japanese sake extracts. Rice sake and peach extracts contain vitamin A and C and silica powder which creates a matte appearance while diminishing pores and it smells so delicious!

I hope you try some of these toners! If you try the DIY toner – let me know and send me a little snap on my instagram @embracingturning60 

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