Adventuring in Bali Before Mount Agung Volcanic Eruption!

Bali - volcano Mount Agung

Bali is paradise on earth!

Bali has to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet. From its pristine beaches to the beautiful rainforests, I don’t know which part was more beautiful.
I started out on my journey with a yoga retreat put together by one of my favorite yoga teachers, Carissa from Lifetime, there were 21 of us practicing and exploring together. We had the most amazing vegan chef cooking breakfast and dinner for us. I am not vegan but I do love to try new things. I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious the food was, I actually looked forward to each and every meal! I made some new friends, I look forward to seeing them again at home. One of the girl’s friend was a photographer and he brought his drone and took some really cool shots and I can’t wait to see it all!

We hiked, snorkeled, went to some of the most beautiful beaches, shopped, spent a lot of time learning about Bali’s culture and met some of the most kind, caring, compassionate people I’ve ever been around. One thing to note is the monkeys in Bali. They are kinda crazy! They are really smart and if they want something they will get it! The dogs of Bali are so interesting, they roam the streets but know exactly how to be safe in Bali’s traffic, it was so interesting to see a different side of how humans and animals coexist. They are all friends and very protective of their property.

I loved the Bali way of life, happy, content and loving. I was on my own for a few days and saw a healer/palm reader, Ketut Liyer, his father was the palm reader from Eat,Pray, Love. I absolutely love the reading he gave me!! Hope it all can come true!!

I have definitely fallen in love with traveling and this trip. I used an amazing travel agent, Alexa Moss, and I have to thank her for giving me such an amazing experience because it was my first time doing this. She had so many hidden gems for me to discover, I feel very spoiled actually, everything I could have possibly needed was provided!

Onwards and upwards!

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