Back to Normal

Does it feel like we are returning to a sense of normalcy? I feel we are. Along with businesses and just about everything opening up, come some adjustments.

For me, the biggest adjustment is my workout routine. At the start of the pandemic, I felt motivated to stay in shape and keep my back healthy and as pain free from my scoliosis as possible. For some reason, after the holidays, I just couldn’t motivate myself. I realized I needed to also be kind to myself and not stress out. I did a lot of reading and crafts. It was wonderful, but exercise has always been one of my top priorities for as long as I can remember. Doing yoga only a few times a week took a toll on me. I gained a few pounds since my workout routine was something I used to do every day. My scoliosis bothers me a lot – daily. Not fun. I’ve been figuring out what my new exercise routine will be like now that Lifetime Laguna Niguel is open again. I’m back to 3 to 4 classes and 2 weight room workouts a week.

Debbie Corley

I’ve been extremely lucky because I’ve never struggled with my weight. Gaining weight around the waistline is not only unhealthy, but for me added a lot of extra stress and pain for my lower back. So I’ve been uncomfortable, no fun. I’ve always smiled through the pain; having a good mental attitude is crucial to everything I do. It’s been a struggle getting back on track. I’ve had to come up with a new plan. I’ll see how I’m doing and I need to be willing to make changes if I’m feeling stressed. I’ve had to be gentle with myself. I’ve been learning to completely listen to what my body is saying, without giving in too much. Finding that right balance has been difficult.

Debbie Corley

Here are some of the things I’ve done lately to jump start my road to getting back in shape.

To help jumpstart my fitness routine, I’m trying red light therapy with an incredible lady named Darci at Spectrum Wellness Solutions. This therapy targets areas with heat and penetrating red lights which help rid the body of toxins and help “melt fat cells.” For me, the concentration of heat on my scoliosis feels amazing. I have about 4 more sessions of this therapy left to complete.

I’ve gently eased back into my hot yoga classes. This is exactly what I needed. I’m taking it really slow, I definitely don’t want an injury. But knowing I’m truly in my happy place is wonderful.

I’m also doing better with my diet. I’ve always been pretty good about drinking my homemade green juice every morning and eating a healthy lunch. But during the last 6 months of the pandemic, evenings became so difficult. I just ate way too much. Sugary desserts became fun to make, and eat! That was my total weakness! Being home and sitting around is something I rarely ever did. It’s been so hard to tell myself “no more sugar and sweets.” My plan for this is being gentle with myself again and slowly cutting back. My goal is to lose the 6 pounds I’ve gained and lose the back pain. I hope to accomplish this by the end of June.

I sometimes wonder if this is just a new level of pain I’ll have to live with. It scares me, but only time will tell. I would love to hear your fitness goals as the pandemic winds down!

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