Clay Masks You Need To Try In Your Skincare

Today on the blog, we’re talking about all things clay masks. 

We’ve all been at home now for quite a while and running out of things to do (at least I’ve been running out of things to do)! However, self care never seems to get boring. I think it’s fun to come up with new ways to change up the usual, and make it new. So in today’s post I’m going talk about at home clay masks and why they are beneficial and fun to make. It’s super fun because you can change up the ingredients to fit your individual skin care needs.

Here are some of the real benefits of all clay mask:

  • Clay masks are known to draw out impurities because of the molecular makeup of these types of masks. Most clay masks are made of negatively-charged molecules and most toxins are made of positively-charged molecules.  I had to figure out what that meant. So this means that most clay masks molecules bind themselves to toxins deep within your pores and help bring them to the surface, then lift them away. It makes sense and now I understand why when you finish a clay mask your skin feels so fresh, smooth and clean. 
  • Reducing pore size. Clay masks are really great for reducing poor size because as they remove the dirt and oils out of your pores. They shrink the pores through the toning abilities clay mask have

Here are some clay masks that I love and their benefits:

Aztec Secret Indian healing clay mask (click to shop)

One clay mask I’ve been using for years is Aztec Secret Indian healing clay mask. It’s inexpensive and very accessible in grocery stores or any makeup/skincare store. I usually get mine from CVS but if you don’t want to get out, it’s available on Amazon for $12.90. Easy easy. I really like the ingredients in this mask because the ingredients really do help detoxify your skin. Aztec Secret clay mask binds to the dirt and oil in your pores, and as the mask dries on your skin, it lifts the toxins away. I also like to use warmed apple cider vinegar or caffeinated warm coffee or green tea to mix with Aztec Secret depending on how my skin is feeling that day.

Using coffee or Green tea has caffeine which is great for de-puffing the under eye area. Aztec secret comes in powdered form and you get to choose the liquid to mix with this mask. Aztec Secret is great for slightly oily skin and for skin that needs a deep pore cleaning.

Organic Avocado Vegan Dead Sea Mud Mask (click to shop)

One other clay mask I tried was Organic Avocado Vegan Dead Sea Mud Mask. This mask was really hydrating because of the avocado it has in it. Organic Avocado mask also contains green tea which is very soothing to your skin. This is also inexpensive $15.99 and on Amazon. I recommend this one for those of us with mature or slightly dry skin, it was definitely the most hydrating to me. With this mask I added in 1/4 teaspoon of honey and 1/4 teaspoon of olive oil. I also did this mask just the way it came.

Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Pore Refining Face Mask

The beauty industry is always coming up with new “latest and greatest” ingredients and ideas. I love to check them out every season, you never know if you will find a new favorite or a compliment to the product you loved using for years. I wanted try a pricier one also. I tried Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask. This mask was just beautiful and luxurious. I loved the packaging and the color. It came with an applicator brush too. Sand & Sky has some exotic ingredients such as witch hazel and sea kelp which is great for toning your skin and speeds up skin repair. Also Sand & Sky contains antioxidant rich mangosteen and pomegranate to promote quick cellular turnover, and kakadu plum which is rich in vitamin C.

It felt really good on my skin and smelled amazing. My skin honestly felt equally good and smooth as with the lessor cost ones but, it was definitely nice and convenient with its own brush included. I felt this was the most spa feeling mask of all three I tried. I only used this one just the way it came, no added ingredients.

Tip: Read the back of the box or your “directions” and follow it! Each mask you try, they are all a little different. I also use a little spoon to remove the mask from the original container so to make sure the mask left in the container stays clean and fresh, not contaminated with any bacteria. Which ever clay mask you choose I hope you enjoy the time spent relaxing and benefiting from both beautifully fresh, clean skin and that relaxing time. I love to multitask while doing a mask, either by reading or meditating or just taking a bath with a glass of wine.

Let me know if you try a clay mask, how you liked it and how you are relaxing during quarantine.

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