Five Creative Things To Do at Home

Today I’m talking about five creative things to do at home, because let’s be honest, we are going to be social distancing for awhile!

Do you seem to be running out of things to do during quarantine? I’m sure you have been lately. I’ve cleaned everything possible I could do myself. I’ve gone through closets 3 times and look forward to donating all of my things. I also feel I will be enjoying a bit of a simpler way of life when things start to return to our new normal. So with this mind set, here are 5 things I’m doing to get through the rest of our quarantine:

JOURNALING I’ve journaled for quite a while but now I’m concentrating on the present and my vision of my future and what I want in life. Journaling is one of the most rewarding, creative and therapeutic writing exercises that you can do.  Journaling acts as a wonderful outlet. If you want to get more creative with it, you can do some bullet journaling or do it in forms of scrapbooking. Some of my deepest personal thoughts come out while I’m journaling. I think journaling is a great place to put some of your personal doubts. For example reflect on a doubt you’ve had in yourself or your own abilities. Write a little topic on that it may help gain more confidence. I also think it’s always a nice place to go in your mind where you’d like to be in 5 to 10 years, if that’s too far out do 3 to 5 years. One of my favorite things to journal about is what I’m grateful for, right down even the smallest things, it’s a great way to reflect on what makes you happy. You can also set a goal as simple as what you will do tomorrow. When you look back on your journal with these little tiny thoughts, you will realize how much you’ve truly accomplished.  

SELF CARE – This might be watching puppies on youtube or doing a face mask. Whatever your self care looks like to you, find it, set a day to focus on nothing but self care then – rise and repeat. Sometimes, I will go on YouTube and watch funny animals because it just lifts my sprits. It really helps me get my mind off things and then I go on to do my face mask or getting ready to go no where!

BUY A COLORING BOOK – I bought a Zen Doodle coloring book on Amazon and I’m so happy I did! It doesn’t have to be a coloring book but art of some kind, even if it’s something super easy or more involved crafts, it’s something you can work on, put it down and start again. When you finish you feel a sense of accomplishment. Here are some that I really like:

adult coloring book

(photo from amazon)

MEDITATE – If you normally do meditation, great! If you don’t check out my latest post on meditation.

I love to improve or change up my technique. If you haven’t mediated, it’s a wonderful time to start. First choose a mantra or a vision to concentrate on so your mind can focus and not wonder. Find a really comfortable spot to sit. Make sure you have blankets, pillows, a wall for your back, or what ever makes you the most comfortable, but remember you don’t want to fall asleep. I always start with deep rhythmic breathing and gently and slowly close my eyes. I pay close attention to closing my eyes, it sets a calm focus for your practice. Focus on your breathing and your mantra. If I use a mantra it’s usually So Hum which means “I am” I find this very comforting. If using my vision as my focal point, I use the ocean, sun and trees. I will visualize colors and the feeling of the sun on my skin and the smells and sounds. Remember it’s ok to have thoughts, just remember when your mind wanders bring yourself back to your mantra or vision. I love my morning meditation, it sets a beautiful intention for the day but evening meditation is great way to unwind.

CRAFTING – First off, I would like to encourage to go to pinterst and find something that you always wanted to try and do it! There is no time like today! There is so much out there for ideas – it’s overwhelming! However, narrow it down by finding the things you always wanted to do (or inspired by) and then search that category. I’ve had some fun with Pinterest getting ideas and then trying to do them. There is a ton of ideas to try! For example, I found a way to make a mask from a sock! I’ve found some really great ideas to make homemade beauty products. It’s really amazing what people come up with. I just love seeing creativity and sharing what you know is really special, and at this time of uncertainty, it’s nice to feel some sense of a connection even through Pinterest! I normally use Pinterest through my business account but I’ve pinned some DIY recipes for you! CLICK HERE TO VIEW

What have you been doing to keep you entertained? Please share your quarantine entertainment ideas, I’d love to hear what you come up with! Stay safe! \

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