Gift Guide: Five Self Care Gift Ideas

I can’t believe it’s December already, but I’m sure glad 2020 is coming to an end!

I’ve spent a lot of time this past year reflecting on the good parts of my life, what makes me happy and taking care of myself during covid. I spent some times coming up with new ways to enjoy some self care and thought this was the perfect time to share some things I found to be the perfect self-care gift for the season of giving.

Aliver on Amazon: I think I’ll start with the bottom up. There were many months where we couldn’t go out for a manicure or pedicure. I wanted to find something that could make my feet baby soft and I found the perfect solution. I found these amazing, no really, foot peel 4 packs by Aliver on Amazon. I had no idea what to expect. I read the package and followed all the instructions and I was absolutely amazed! You put your feet into these plastic socks with sticky tabs at the top. I put socks over the plastic socks just to make sure they stayed in place. I left them on for 90 minutes and then took a shower. The next day my feet felt very clean and a bit tight, they don’t start peeling for about 3 days. When my feet started peeling it was like magic! Sheets of skin just fall off. The peeling process takes about 3 or 4 days and when it’s all done, my feet were sooooo soft! They stayed absolutely smooth and so pretty for about 3 months. I think that is why you get 4 to a set, one year of beautiful soft feet.

Zombie Pack Face Mask: I found the most interesting facial pack during this covid time out too. It’s called Zombie Pack. It’s this facial kit that you mix up and apply to your face and next and you literally look like a zombie! This product is called a zombie mask because as it dries it tightens to lift and smooth the skin. But the way the tightening looks is quite jarring. The mask wrinkles up giving your face an uncanny resemblance to a Zombie! But, wash it off and wow! My skin was so soft and it felt tight and just simply glowing. My pores were literally invisible.

Plush Party Lip Mask: I have become completely obsessed with my Plush Party I do care lip mask. I haven’t gone to sleep without it since the first time I tried it. Not only does it super hydrate my lips it exfoliates my lips too. I uses an old toothbrush in the shower and give them a little morning scrub and they stay so soft all day and since I’m wearing a mask most of the time I just put on some tinted lip balm and I’m good to go.

Incoco Nail Stickers: I found the best alternative for getting my nails done. Nail polish stickers. (Yep, you heard me right) – stickers. They are called Incoco and I found them at Ulta Beauty. They are super easy to use and last about 2 weeks. They didn’t chip and were super easy to put on, and they come off with regular polish remover. They have fun colors and some fancy styles too. The best part is 0 dry time!! Love that part!! I would love to get these as a gift for sure.

Shvyog Hair Mask: Another self care I needed to figure out was taking care of my hair. No hair cuts and no conditioning treatments like I was use to getting during Covid either. Again thank goodness for Amazon. I found a great hair mask called Shvyog. It is infused with keratin, biotin, collagen and other powerful ingredients that penetrate deeply into the cortex of the hair shaft to fortify, protect and promote hair growth.
Enriched with argan, coconut and avocado essential oils, get the instant luxury salon hair dreams at home! This professional hair mask will leave your hair soft, smooth and silky. Since my hair is almost totally grey, well white it can get really dry so this conditioner has been a life saver for my hair. I leave this mask on as long as I can but at least an hour.

Let me know if you get any of these for your loved ones (and yourself) and let me know what you think!

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