Healthy Life Routine

Since I was diagnosed at a young age with scoliosis, I’ve always been about taking care of my body. I think it doesn’t matter what age you start taking care of your body, you will always enjoy the benefits. One of the most important aspects about taking care of your body is eating healthy. I eat healthy starting my day with my juice (watch my video on YouTube channel!)

I also try to have a very light lunch, even though I go out with my friends often, or when having a business meeting. My light lunch consists of a quinoa salad and some type of protein, usually salmon. I really try to avoid snacks but sometimes you just gotta snack, so if I do snack I try to eat something I  really love but a very small amount of it. I don’t believe in depriving myself of anything and I honestly don’t believe in fad diet’s at all. I just don’t think you can stick to a fad diet and make it a lifestyle. But I do think you can incorporate parts of a fad diet into a healthy lifestyle. I also try to eat a light dinner, and I try not to eat too late, sometimes that isn’t possible but the later I eat the smaller the portion, and the healthier I try to make my choices. For me, my downfall is sugar and dessert. But sticking with the “not depriving yourself” mentality, I limit my non-nutritional calories to whatever I want every day, only if I choose too. And the limit is 250 calories. I don’t do this every day but knowing I can it’s a good thought. And the big one that my Dr. said for me was to have 3 drinks a week for my body type!

So when I’m getting ready to do a photo shoot I usually know about a week in advance. So, I’ll usually start the the process checking if I need to up my workouts or eat a bit better. I also will make a special hair conditioner. Since it’s summer I’ll start with coconut oil, avocado, a little of my favorite, at the moment, store bought conditioner, and some flat beer. Sometimes I go to see my hair stylist and she will do cellophanes with “ice” toner. That really brightens up the grey!! I also do my own facials which I change this up too seasonally. For summer I love to do papaya, lemon, oatmeal, flaxseed, honey and a bit of olive oil. I put it on, let it dry, then scrub it off with a soft cloth. I also like to plan what my outfit will be and see what makes me feel great when I put it on. Normally, I do like to wear something I made (check our shop embrace here)!

Being 60 and learning new ways to take good care of yourself holistically is just amazing! Recently, I was asked to be on the Advisory Board for Modern Acupuncture. I’m very excited for to share my journey on how acupuncture has helped me and listen to others on how to “up my game” on how to be more healthy!

Photos by Crystal Reed @_studiosalty

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