How Acupuncture Has Eliminated My Pain

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Couple of weeks ago, I went to Scottsdale to meet the founders of Modern Acupuncture and present on how acupuncture has significantly improved my life. I’ve been going to acupuncture in my neighborhood for almost a year, and a few months ago, I was asked to be on the Advisory Board for Modern Acupuncture and I accepted! It’s really transformed my life and I believe that acupuncture should be integrated more into every regiments because it’s a way to treat minor and chronic pain without drugs.

I’ve learned a lot from this conference, but mainly I’m glad that I was able to tell other my personal story and how acupuncture has really saved my back. Acupuncture stimulates the body at specific points, the flow of energy along those nerve channels can be modified, rebalanced, and redirected to a healthier pathway.

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I saw a neurosurgeon a few years back who suggested surgery for my scoliosis. He mentioned that I had a lack of a neuro-muscular connection between my left leg and my brain. Despite of his suggestion, I chose not to have surgery. I did seek help from a certified muscle activation therapist. He worked with me for a few months and I was able to regain that neuromuscular connection. I was still experiencing some of the pain. When Modern Acupuncture was readily available in my neighborhood, I tried it and what a difference it made in the pain I was experiencing from my scoliosis. I virtually have none. 

When needles are placed to stimulate certain nerves, these nerves send signals to the brain. I learned the brain releases neural hormones that naturally relieve pain when certain nerves are stimulated. That is why acupuncture can be particularly beneficial for patients with chronic pain, especially if it’s nerve-related. Additionally, it’s a very relaxing process so I feel like I always leave feeling more refreshed.

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There are so many ways to use acupuncture other than for chronic pain. For example, I have been using botox for a few years, but after I got the GLOW treatment from Modern Acupuncture, I stopped getting botox. It’s such a great natural process to turn back the time! If you have time, check out some acupuncture!



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