Let’s Talk Lip Stain

I have a new favorite way to wear lip color. It’s perfect for summer and it lasts all day long, for real! It’s lip stain.

Lip tints and stains come in lots of gorgeous shades and colors. I love these lightweight lip tints that can last all day and night. The key is layering and allowing the layers to dry in between. If the look you’re going for is more natural, then use a shade like pink matte or sunny orange. Dab it with the applicator on the center of the lips and use your fingers to spread it outwards. Bonus: it can be used as a cheek tint as well! Just use a tiny amount and blend it onto your cheekbones.

Lip stains are extremely pigmented, meaning all it takes is one quick coat to create translucent coverage, but layering adds opaqueness. As I apply my lips stain, I let each layer dry for just about 15 seconds, then I’ll blot my lips with a wet tissue. If I want a light shade then I’ll just add my Burts Bees balm. If I want a darker but still translucent look I’ll repeat this process one or two times before I add the gloss or balm.

It’s also completely smudge-proof, so you don’t even need to sweat it if you leave it behind when you head out the door, lip stains really stay put. I use a matte lip balm or a clear gloss on top of my lip stain to keep my lips soft and conditioned. Sometimes I’ll even use a nude lip liner to enhance my lips.

My favorite lip tints and stains are AL’IVER. The set comes with 6 adorable little “wine bottles” and they apply so easily and with one coat, which is perfect for the gym or going out. Just that no fuss look and no worries about it coming off on your workout towel. This stain is perfect for all day casual translucent color. My other favorite is Peripera Ink the Velvet Lip Tint. It is a little more opaque, but still has that incredible stay on quality – with no transfer.

Debbie Corley

Some tips while using lip stain:

• I always prep my lips before I use my lip stain by exfoliating them first. I love using sugar and coconut oil as a scrub on my wash cloth. It helps to exfoliate the dead skin and keep the stain looking flawless. Also, the color will stick to any dry or flaky patches, so you will not end up with a smooth look if you don’t apply to smooth lips!
• Because lip stains tend to dry out the lips, it helps to pair them with a good lip balm or gloss. I like Blistex with spf 30. If I want a gloss, I like Ruby Kisses clear lip oil. Apply the balm or gloss over the stain once it’s dried to help hydrate lips, without affecting the stain’s wear, time, or color.
• Lip stains are usually fairly sheer, so you can layer them to get the color intensity you want. However, use a light hand when applying a stain or you run the risk of the stain smearing and making a mess. Usually the end result will look like you’ve eaten a red or orange popsicle.

Lip stains brighten your complexion because they are sheer and transparent. They look so natural and pretty. Jean and Jane Ford, who are the founders of Benefit Benetint, actually made it for exotic dancers who used it on their nipples. Quite interesting, who would have thought? Who would have imagined that so many years later we would be using this very popular lip tint? The original recipe consisted of boiled rose petals and carmine. Fast forward to now, everyone – from celebrities to the girl-next-door –  all love this product.

What is your favorite way to look summer natural?

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