Lips, Hair, and Skin

Aging effects each of us differently. I like to take each part of aging as an individual issue. Mental, emotional, and physical health all get the same efforts, and I try not to leave out anything. When it comes to beauty, I like to do the very same. Lips, hair and skin all need need a little extra TLC. Certain areas are more problematic for me than others.

Back when I wore braces, the first thing most orthodontists did was pull 4 teeth. This procedure narrows your jaw, and as you age there will be more wrinkles around your mouth. So for me, lip care is extra important.

Debbie Corley

Here are some of the benefits of lip care:

1. Hydrated lips heal faster. When your lips are dry and chapped, they are more susceptible to infection because bacteria can invade through broken skin.
2. You look younger. It sounds too good to be true, but having a hydrated mouth can actually take years off your appearance by softening or even eliminating wrinkles around your mouth.
3. Chapped lips are just no fun.

You can avoid chapped lips altogether if you have a good lip routine.

Debbie Corley

First, exfoliating is really important. I like making my own lip exfoliating scrub from coarse sugar, coconut oil, cinnamon, and coconut flakes. I put the mixture onto a washcloth and scrub away. I also use Ulta Beauty Brown Sugar Lip Scrub. I use it often because it does the trick for smooth lips in a hurry, it’s really easy, and it tastes like brown sugar. I actually keep this handy stick with my toothbrush so I remember to use it often.

My new favorite lip conditioner is NYX Bare With Me with cannabis sativa seed oil. I like the consistency – it’s not sticky and feels silky on your lips. My lips feel really moisturized and feel good all day. At night I use my Bare With Me lip conditioner as a base and add Plush Party Buttery Vitamin C Lip Mask over it. I love Plush Party lip mask, just the name is awesome! I love the thick, rich consistency of this product. It comes in a pot with a super cute spatula, which makes it really convenient and cute on your night table. This lip mask contains vitamin C, which is a great antioxidant. I also use Sio Super LipLift Reusable Wrinkle Smoothing Patches. I use these twice a month and sleep with them on. They’re really comfortable to sleep with! These patches work to keep your skin smooth by gently compressing the skin around your lips. They are reusable and I get at least 15 uses from one patch, they come 2 to a pack.

Lastly, I started doing lip injections about 5 years ago and it’s definitely made a difference. I’ve tried different brands and types and have liked them all. If you try lip injections, it’s best to discuss with your doctor what will work for you. I get injections every 18 months to 2 years. I get the 1/2 syringe or the smallest amount. It usually is painless for me, but sometimes I do get a bruise that lasts for about a week. Don’t forget sunscreen for lips too!

Debbie Corley

It’s been an easy year and a half for hair care. So many of my friends are not coloring their hair and loving the grey “grombré” look. My hair has been trimmed only once this year and it’s stayed healthy because of  Olaplex. I use Olaplex products to make some fun hair masks, mainly mixing a few conditioners together I have at home with some olive oil or eggs. And, I try to let my hair air dry as much as possible.

As for makeup and skin care – I try to take really good care of my skin. I’ve been doing lots of facials, especially my DIY facials, with papaya, Manuka honey, and some sugar for exfoliating. I regularly use sheet masks, and use retinol every night. I’m loving La Roche Posay Retinol.  It’s the strongest one I’ve tried. I use it about 3 times a week, the other days I use CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream or a vitamin C serum. I haven’t worn foundation really at all this year, but if I want to even out my skin tone, I use a tinted moisturizer. I like Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer because it has a really good sunscreen in it. Then, I just fill in my brows and use mascara.

I’d love to hear your lip, hair, and skin care routines! Stay safe!

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