Mindfulness During Quarantine

Let’s talk about mindfulness, more than ever we need to practice mindfulness daily.

When we learn to be in a mindful state it will help us recognize happiness and contentment already in our lives. Being able to just recognize our breathing, the rhythm of life.

Our minds can get caught up in our worries, fears, and anger, but that is not healthy. We can be caught up in the past or worried about the future. In reality we cannot change the past, we can only learn from the past. We can choose to make our future better. Worrying about the future won’t change anything. It’s wasted energy. That is why I believe, if we are living in the moment, nothing can get away from you. Being mindful means you are completely present. When your mind and body are in sync, you are in the present moment. It feels effortless and that feeling of effortlessness is beautiful.

As you learn to calm your mind, the practice of mindfulness will become so enjoyable. You will crave the feeling. You will be able to handle stressful situations with new found ease. You will learn to listen fully, and when you speak, your words will come from a place of mindfulness. I believe when you are able to fully listen, you create a silence that is elegant and peaceful. A silence that will help you create the scenario that best serves you.


1. JUST BREATHE. First you must recognize your breath. Is your breath deep. Is it filling your belly with a beautiful and equal exhale or it your breath shallow and uneven? My trick for mindful breathing is counting to 5 while filling up on the inhale, pausing, and exhaling to the count of 5. This is the beginning of a mindfulness practice. The key is not giving up. Eventually you won’t need counting to 5, it will become a natural process.

2. FOCUS ON ONE THING. Let’s focus on how you are feeling when you concentrate on your breathing. Your body will feel light and relaxed. You will notice your heart rate gently slow down and your expressions soften. Your mind will start to feel clearer and ready to focus. When you return to what you need to do, you will take on that task in a renewed way.

3. THE PRACTICE OF MINDFULNESS COMBINED WITH EXERCISE. Once you have discovered what mindfulness means for you, you can take this practice and apply it to anything. I think my favorite way to apply mindfulness is when I practice yoga. I can be in a crowded room of yoga practitioners and completely concentrate on the instructors voice and the music. I can have a guided flow or an independent flow mindfully and meditatively. This type of mindful exercise experience is euphoric.

4. MINDFULNESS IN THE MOMENT. I love to practice mindful meditation while I’m walking. One of my favorite things in life is being out in nature, especially when I’m around animals. I feel when I’m in a calm mindful state, I connect with everything I do, completely focused. Today while I walked I literally made friends with a beautiful hummingbird. This little creature let me enjoy his primping. He was fluffing up and fluttering his wings. Every time he did something he would make sure I was watching. He was so comfortable with me he let me video him and literally did what I asked him to do. I feel he sensed my calmness and focus. It was beautiful. When you have practiced mindfulness, you can apply mindfulness to most everything you are doing, it creates a heightened awareness of the moment.

I would love to hear your stories of mindfulness and how this practice enhances your life and makes you feel connected and alive.

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  1. James
    March 27, 2020 / 1:10 am

    Thank you for sharing this, Debbie. I have always tried to embrace the concept of mindfulness and its benefits through meditation.

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