Must Try Makeup for Mature Skin

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Today, we are talking about must try makeup products for mature skin!

I have sensitive skin and my skin tends to be oily, but with some drier areas so it’s complicated. I am pretty good about following a dedicated skin care routine, cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating. Before applying makeup I use a hyaluronic acid hydrating serum and a sunscreen. After the moisturizer sinks in, I will target areas with fine lines or dry patches with a quick dab of moisturizer and then a quick absorbing primer everywhere.

So here are my favorite makeup products for mature skin and why:

Joah Truly Yours dark circumstances Le Concealer
I think as I get older, I feel like I don’t need that much to conceal my wrinkles – less is more. Makeup for mature skin means taking care of the skin beneath your skin. So cover up for me is not about covering up wrinkles. I like to put a very light touch of under eye concealer and a touch of cover up on dark spots and a little around my lips. I found a new favorite, Joah Truly Yours dark circumstances le concealer. I really like the consistency and the light weight feel.

Sen Organics Foundation, Lipstick, and Blush

Sen Organics foundation (and even lipstick) is my favorite because it really is hydrating and gives great coverage but you can also use your beauty blender and blend to make a translucent finish also. To even out skin tone, I suggest using a moist beauty blender sponge or foundation brush to apply a sheer foundation with a good match to my skin tone and make sure I bring the foundation down to my neck too, you don’t want a line at the jawline, the beauty blender is perfect for this. (Use code Debbie10 for 10% off your purchase) Also, I love how the blush has the perfect colors that you can mix together ✨

Wet and Wild dual-ended contour and Highlight Stick
After my foundation is on and set for a minute or 2 I’ll give a little attention to contouring. I use a stick contour because I love how easy it is to apply to my skin. It’s easy to control exactly where I want it. I then blend it in gently, and it’s easy to dab a little highlighter with the same product. I like to contour the hollows of my cheeks, jawline, the sides and under the tip of my nose. I use a touch of bronzer also, very lightly across my nose, chin and forehead with a super soft brush. If I need a bit more concealer, I add it now and use my beauty blender to finish the look.

Morphe Palette
My favorite part of makeup is eyes. I like to open up the eyes and make them look as big as possible. I like a natural look so I stick with neutral colors that bring out my hazel eyes. I use plums, terra cotta, and browns. I like an eyeshadow pallet with a wide variety of colors, I’m loving Morphe because the colors have excellent pigmentation and little goes a long way. I start with a small round brush and use a brown matte in the crease of my eye, and blend it outward and up.

Next, I use a soft thick eyeshadow pencil and line the upper and outer part of my eyelid. I like to use a dark brown and also I add a thin terra cotta line across my top eye lid and blend it upward. I lightly line my lower lashes with a plum color. Under my eyebrows I use a matte vanilla color, then I add mascara.

L’Oréal Double Extend
I’ve been using L’Oréal Double Extend for a very long time, it a tubular mascara and, for me works the very best and sometimes I use eyelashes, at the outer corners. If I want to add something fancy, I will add a golden touch to the center of my eyelids.

Urban Decay Brow Blade
Next is filling in the brows. Brows have become such a big thing and a lot of women, I definitely was one of them, had pencil thin brows and sadly when that phase ended, thank goodness, they grew back in but not the way they once were. So I do a quick touch up with a pencil, brow powder and a brow gel. My favorite is Urban Decay Brow Blade I do follow my natural hair growth and keep them looking the way they use to look when I was younger. Urban Decay is also an amazing supporter of Laura’s House, a safe haven for domestic violence victims.

Have you tried any of these makeup products for mature skin? If so what have you tried? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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