New Beginning

Today, while waiting for my second COVID vaccine, I reflected back on this past year.

Wow, a whole year. So much has changed and I don’t know what “the new and evolving future” will look like, but that is just fine. I’ve learned to adapt so many times in the past few years. I think that being adaptive makes you feel younger and grow stronger. Every day that passed was another day of uncertainty. I tried hard to look at life in the simplest ways, and cherish every moment. I tried to be there for those who needed an ear, some encouragement or just someone to laugh with.

Debbie Corley

It wasn’t easy. I tried to keep a regular exercise and yoga routine, but I didn’t do so well after the holidays. I tried to not be hard on myself. I also knew that, with my scoliosis, if I didn’t do certain things, the pain would get worse. I know I will soon be able to get my routine back, that is a comfort to look forward to. I know I will need to be patient and not push too hard.

Overall, I feel I did pretty well getting through this difficult year. I also am  so very grateful for many people. So many have (literally) put their lives at stake to continue going to work. I don’t know how to thank everyone, except to be kind and appreciate their dedication and hard work. And, it’s pretty amazing how fast the scientific community has developed a vaccine.

I have learned to be content with the smallest things. I feel life became simpler. I also realize being alone this year was difficult but the pandemic forced me to be creative in so many new ways. I have learned to appreciated nature in ways I never had before. Just taking time to notice the very little things in nature has changed me and I want to keep noticing all that nature has to offer. One of the most amazing things I have witnessed is a beautiful mama hummingbird. She has built her nest under a window at my front porch. I see her come and go, feed her adorable baby and I watch her take time for herself too. We all need time to ourselves and when it becomes time to socialize again I plan to fully enjoy those moments with a whole new outlook.

I took a lot of time for self care, and I have loved making facials. I hope you have tried them and enjoyed them all! I enjoyed crafts, and I think I tie dyed every think I possibly could in my house! I reached out to old friends and thought about what I may want to do once the pandemic is considered over. I am looking forward to wearing real clothes again, doing my makeup and hair. I also wonder what this new normal will be.

Debbie Corley

One of the biggest tasks I have undertaken recently is completely cleaning out my house. I haven’t gone through anything since my divorce 6 years ago because I just haven’t wanted to relive anything that may be in those boxes. I hired an amazing lady to help me out named Diane. We talked a lot before we started and I explained to her what my life was like and how I needed her help and she completely understood. We have nearly completed clearing out the garage and it feels SO good! After 28 years, there was a lot of “stuff” – and that is just what it is, STUFF.

As the pandemic ends, I am going to be starting fresh and new with a wonderful outlook and feeling like a breath of fresh air hit me. I look very forward to that feeling. I’m looking for what the next chapter in my life will be, so let’s see what’s next.

I do know having my second dose of the vaccine is a feeling of relief. I also know that I’m only one of many and that we all must do the same thing to make a difference. I can’t wait to see what this next year will look like. I am extremely optimistic and hopeful for a new beginning.

Have you though about your next year and what it may look like you?

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