Self Love

Self love!

Self love comes in so many ways! As Valentine’s Day approaches, I think a little self love is in order. I’m going to share with you some of my favorite self love indulgences:

My favorite form of self love is a bubble bath with lavender epsom salt and lavender oil. Don’t forget the candles and music!

I believe exercise is an important form of self love. We only have this one beautiful body and we must take care of it properly. Since I have scoliosis and love hot yoga it’s my perfect way to express self love and to take care of my body at the same time.

Self love for the mind is equally important. Meditation, in many forms, supports my mental clarity. My favorite form of meditation is sound bath meditation – the vibrations are so soothing along with the beautiful sounds.

Another form of self love for me is crafting. Creating something from nothing is so rewarding. I feel so good when I make something and give it to someone or donate it for a good cause. And when I wear something I made it’s such a sense of freedom and individuality.

This self love feeling can also be accomplished by volunteering, mentoring and teaching a special skill you are blessed with.

And finally, what goes in your body matters. Healthy clean eating is a very important form of self love. We have so many temptations out there so this one is tough so, I really try for the 80-20 rule or better. 80%+ good food and, if you desire, in moderation 20% or less. It’s hard to be perfect day in and day out so sometimes a little bad is good!!!

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