DIY Sheet Masks that Hydrate Your Skin

If you are anything like me you are getting the hang of doing satisfying DIY beauty and self care and getting pretty good at it. In today’s blog I’m going to share with you some absolutely easy to do sheet mask facials. I’ve been trying a few different ones a week, I have a favorite, which I’ll share with you. I also have a DIY sheet mask I make with a Tencil condensed fabric mask or a Pro CIV reusable, washable fabric mask from Amazon.

I read in Allure Magazine how using sheet masks daily can boost hydration benefits for soft glowing skin. In the article I read, using a sheet mask every day can help boost your skin’s hydration levels, Jaliman says. “It helps push the ingredients into the skin,” she adds. With this in mind, Beverly Hills-based dermatologist Ava Shamban compares daily sheet masking to “using a super-powered moisturizer every day rather than a regular moisturizer.” Also, if you have sensitive skin, sheet masks are a good option because they have fewer preservatives and have fewer chances of causing irritation, Tanzi adds.
I have sensitive skin and many preservatives cause my skin redness and breakouts. I don’t have this problem with most sheet masks that keep the preservatives at bay.

Sheet masks are so easy and don’t take much time to enjoy the benefits.

Here are some of my favorite sheet masks and why I use these masks. But first, here is the mask I make that is super hydrating and easy to mix up to use with my own condensed mask or reusable, washable cloth mask.

The face mask recipe is probably right in your kitchen. Here are the things you need:

  • 2 tablespoons of Manuka Honey ( Manuka Honey has amazing antibacterial qualities which helps for any breakouts)
  • 1 teaspoon plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon fresh squeezed lemon

Blend all the ingredients and apply to your clean face and cover with your condensed mask or your fabric reusable mask. I also put ice water soaked green teabags on my eyes under the mask. Wait for 20 minutes (relax during this time!), rinse off with cool water, and when you are finished you feel amazing.

Let me know if you try this mask and tell me what you think! Leave me your thoughts in the comments below!

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