Skincare for Mature Skin

Good skin care definitely for me starts on the inside – for example, I started noticing a difference in my skin when I decided to see what changing my diet would do. I started juicing, had less sugar, and ate a healthier breakfast – this way, I get my vegetables and protein throughout the day. When I changed my diet, I noticed another benefit, not only did my skin keep improving but my hair was becoming healthier and able to grow longer. More improvements happened, when I started drink more water. I tried 9.5 alkaline water, lots of green tea – these things really help improve the texture of my skin. Quick tip: I would use the same teabag all day, this limits the caffeine, which can be dehydrating.

Before I get into skincare, I want to explain a really important step to healthy skin which is cleansing your skin. So weird, but I’m always trying new things from my kitchen. I recently found a new way to really deep clean my pores with a very simple process – an oil massage. Not only does it feel heavenly, relaxing, and almost meditative, it leaves your complexion beautiful, smooth, and glowing. The first this to do is to decide if your skin is on the oilier or or drier side. Use an oil higher in LINOLEIC ACID if your skin is oily, if your skin is dry OLEIC ACID is better.

Here are some common oils and the breakdown to help you decide what may be best when choosing skincare for mature skin:

Avocado Oil—Oleic–63%  Linoleic–9.8%
Apricot Kernel Oil—Oleic–64.2%  Linoleic–28.3%
Hazelnut Oil—Oleic–79.2  Linoleic–12%
Shea Nut Oil-–Oleic–73.15  Linoleic–13.71
Macadamia Oil—Oleic–53.8%  Linoleic–1.8%
Olive Oil—Oleic–55.28%  Linoleic–17.84%
Sweet Almond Oil (Organic)—Oleic–66.6%  Linoleic–24.8%
Jojoba Oil-–Oleic–5-15%  Linoleic–5%
Flaxseed Oil—Oleic–21%  Linoleic–16%
Argan Oil—Oleic–42-48%  Linoleic–30-38%
Coconut Oil (Unrefined)—Oleic–5-10%  Linoleic–1-2.5%
Coconut Oil (Refined)—Oleic–4.39%  Linoleic–0.95%

Safflower oil Oleic–8-30%  Linoleic–68-85%
Hemp Seed oil Oleic–10.71%  Linoleic–56.48%
Evening Primrose oil Oleic–8.4%  Linoleic–72.6%
Pumpkin Seed oil Oleic–23.3%  Linoleic–57.2%
Grape Seed oil Oleic–16.2%  Linoleic–70.6%

When my skin is on the oily side, during summer, I like to use Pumpkin Seed oil. In the winter when my skin tends to be drier, I like Apricot Kernel oil. And when my skin is feeling balanced I like to use Argan Oil.

Here are my tried and true mature skincare products:

  • Hyaluronic acid (click to shop) : My morning skin care routine is pretty simple. After my shower I immediately put on a serum or lotion with hyaluronic acid while my skin is still damp, and let it dry for a minute or two. This hyaluronic acid always helps my skin get prepped for the day! It plumps my skin and always leaves my skin smooth and toned.
  • Peter Thomas Roth clinical skin care Retinol Fusion PM(click to shop): Before bedtime I always use a retinol serum. My favorite is Peter Thomas Roth clinical skin care Retinol Fusion PM. The reason I use a retinol nightly is retinol is an age-preventive skin care product derived from vitamin A. Retinol helps accelerate skin renewal, enhance collagen production and reduce the appearance of aging, uneven texture and age spots.
  • Dermadoctor Kakadu C (click to shop): I also use Dermadoctor Kakadu C it contains vitamin C and E for brighter skin. I put this on over my retinol. I use this product in combination with my retinol because I like the brightness this product brings to my skin. The ingredients work well together with retinol. Dermadoctor Kakadu C contains vitamin C,potent antioxidants that hydrates, smooths, and firms and brightens skin for a more ageless appearance.

Let me know if you try any of these products and what you think about them! I would love to hear from you!

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