Skincare Prep Before a Photoshoot

Since most everything we are doing is virtual these days – it ranges from zoom meetings, facetime photoshoots and for me, I’m shooting a lot of IGTVs! I’ve been doing virtual photoshoots for a few months now and it’s been fun and interesting, if there is a way we can figure out anything.

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Getting my skin ready for a photo shoot has been really a relaxing way to spend time with myself. Here are the steps on how I get ready for a photoshoot and take care of my skin:

  • One Week Prior: A week before my photo shoot I will do a 2 part facial. I’ll start with Michael Todd Beauty Sonicare Dermaplaining. I have been using this dermaplaning device for about a year and it does such a good job at removing dead dry skin. It comes with a face wash that you use before you dermaplane and preps your skin perfectly. The process only takes a few minutes, the kit also comes with after care lotion and a really nice moisturizer (yay for freebies!) The night after I do a dermaplane facial I also couple it with do some kind of chemical exfoliate
  • Chemical Exfoliant: My favorite chemical exfoliant is a clean beauty product I spoke about in my clean beauty blog – Drunk Elephant Sukari babyfacial. After I’ve done 2 nights of intense facials, I take a few days of just taking care of my skin without any intense facials. I keep my skin super moisturized with hyaluronic acid – I use Nature’s Truth hyaluronic acid serum, I put this on first and let it dry. Something I use everyday is Laura Mercier primer moisturizer with SPF because it helps me keep my skin moisturized and keep the pollutants in the air away from my skin!
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  • Night Routine Tip: At night, for the next few days after my intense facials I do a minimal night time routine with my Peter Thomas Roth retinol. I like this retinol because I see gradual results in my skin tone and texture. A lot of retinols I’ve tried can make my skin a bit irritated but this one works great for me, it doesn’t irritate my skin at all. I have sensitive/combination skin so if you have the same skin type as I do, I would highly recommend this gentle retinol.
  • Night Before Routine: I make sure I’m getting good sleep a couple of nights before my photo shoot and drinking lots of water, making sure I’m exercising and limiting my salt intake. The night before my photo shoot I like to do a super hydrating mask. I change it up but lately I’ve been using Neutrogena Hydro Boost 100% Hydrogel Mask. The morning of my photo shoot, I normally make my morning super relaxing so that I can put green tea bags under my eyes and go in with a little bit of meditation under my sleeves.

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It’s fun to have something to look forward to doing that I love. I really enjoy sharing my beauty secrets and I love learning about what YOU do for their beauty routines. Let me know in the comments what you do before a photoshoot or a big day!

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