Stay-Safe Mode (Amazon Buys)

Even though we are still in COVID Stay Safe Mode, as 2021 begins, we have so much to look forward to. I know we are all getting so over this situation, but we need to channel our strength into this (hopefully) final phase. Our scientists have worked so hard to produce vaccines to put an end to this pandemic. Still, we all need to continue to do our part.

Stay Safe Mode

I have chosen to step up my at-home routine and shop Amazon while in Staying Safe Mode. Here are some of Amazon’s best sellers in health and beauty. Give them a try as 2021 kicks off.

  • One of my new favorite pieces of exercise equipment is my Qon Quill Bodyweight Resistance Training Kit. These are an Amazon favorite and I love them so much, as there are at least 50 ways to use these exercise straps.
  • I’ve also been using my Fretree Resistance Bands. They are made really well and don’t bunch up when I use them. I love how they keep my lower body strong and toned.
  • I bought my Nalanda Balance Board last year and I’ve been using it daily. Since I’m not attending yoga lessons like before, it helps me maintain my good balance. It’s a top choice on Amazon for 2021.Stay Safe Mode
  • Since I’ve been reading and working more online, I’ve purchased some blue light readers. They to help reduce eye fatigue. There are so many great choices on Amazon.
  • Since I’m not washing my hair as much as I was before COVID, I’ve been using a scalp massager to give my scalp a deep scrub and massage when I do wash my hair. Sometimes, I use it with my Vigorwell Scalp Oil the day before I shampoo. I add a couple drops along my part, then around the sides and back of my scalp. Then, I massage it in with my scalp massager.Stay Safe Mode
  • Dry brush massagers can be used to increase circulation and get rid of dry, dead skin. I’ll give the C. S. M. Dry Brush with Massaging Nodes a try.
  • Finally, DHC Deep Cleansing Oil seems like an interesting buy. I’ve heard that oil cleansers help with dry winter skin and removing makeup easily. I’ll let you know in a later blog post if I like these new items.

I hope you enjoy some of the products I’ve found so helpful on Amazon. If you do try some, let me know in the comments if you like them!

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