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For as long as I can remember, I have loved fashion. Fashion makes me happy and brings out my creative side. For me, fashion and style has alway been a way to feel independent and confident. I love to look at high fashion magazines and watch designers show off their beautiful seasonal lines. I love to create story boards with ideas I gather from top designers and turn these looks into my version of what I see. I also love to find ways to create a very expensive high fashion look become a reality for me at a price point I can afford.

During this past year of being at home and spending a lot of time mainly in less than casual sweats, I didn’t want to loose my sense of being creative, even if it meant creating tie dye everything. I also learned to put together some really fun outfits that are super comfortable, yet stylish. When I read that skinny jeans were on their way out, I really wasn’t that sad. I know jeans will always be here in some form and welcoming a new trend of “mom” jeans with a modern twist just makes sense.

I decided to try literal boy jeans, yes boys Levi’s! I purchased boys 501’s with just a tiny bit of stretch. I love them! I have 3 pairs now. I distressed and bleached the hem on one pair and added some denim die to make a really unique pair of Jeans. On another pair,  I distressed the hem.

But what I really like is how they feel when I wear them. The pockets in these men’s Levi’s are so roomy and I just love the way the waist sits. They are slightly a higher rise in the back and just a bit lower rise in the front and roomy in the legs. They look just great with that half tucked look.

Debra Corley

So, as I ventured out in search of new ideas for clothing options, I have discovered something. Being home this past year meant changing my eating and exercise routines. This resulted in some clothes fitting differently than the way they did pre COVID. So, as I’ve been getting rid of the old and finding what style is still fitting me, I’ve realized that fit is now super important to me. Staying with the “I want to be super comfortable” feeling, I found that trying on different sizes makes such a big difference. I decided that if I like something, I’m going to also ask myself how I want it to fit.

If I see something that looks interesting to me and I want to wear in with, say, looser fitting jeans, I may opt for a more tailored top. I have also really enjoyed wearing super soft, big sweaters and skirts with combat boots. I feel really cozy and feminine in this look. As for the sizing of my sweaters, lately I’ve been upsizing for that cozy look.

Debra Corley

I feel like it’s just around the corner that we can get back to seeing friends, going out for a dinner with music, and just being less concerned about COVID. For me it’s like a newness is right around the corner.

After the year we’ve had, I think we will all want to treat ourselves and get out – get dressed up in our newfound styles, and even put on fancy makeup. This for me ties into the bold creative up-cycling projects I’ve enjoyed, feathers and tie dying trends I have had fun creating. I think people will be dressing up for themselves and for their own happiness – they won’t need a reason to dress up because it will just be fun. I call this excitement dressing!

I’d love to hear you thoughts of what our post pandemic life will look like to you.

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