Body Love

How are you feeling about that beautiful body of yours?

I believe we all have issues we want to work on. Some of us, it’s weight, or building a stronger body, or maybe dealing with physical limitations.

My issues with my body started pretty young. I had a really poor body image for most of my life. I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis at 12. I was 5’5” and weighed 89 pounds and was teased constantly, my nickname was “bird legs.”

As I got a little older the teasing stopped but the damage was done. I learned to realize this was who I am – thin and crooked. I learned to dress in ways that disguised my deformity and developed my own style. Today, I love it because it’s unique, edgy and super fun! Being in a bathing suit was torture, but I loved the beach so much. I usually wore a beautiful sarong around my waist while I ran around.  When I would just be in my bikini, I would get asked about my scoliosis, A LOT. At first I was very self-conscious but after a while I started sharing my story. I learned how to turned my negatives into positives and it’s helped me bring positivity into all aspects of my life.

I love body now, even at the age of 60. 


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