Tried and True Products for an at-Home-Mani-Pedi

Today on the blog, we’re talking about creating your own nail salon at home! Let’s delve into at home mani-pedi products! 

So many things have changed since we have been staying home due to Covid. One thing that changed for me was not being able to go to the nail salon. I decided soon as I couldn’t stand my nails for another minute to make doing my nails fun , relaxing and something I would look forward to doing. While searching for that “perfect” (and let’s be honest, easy solution) thanks to Amazon I found some really great products. I’ve been using my “nail time” as self care time by putting on some music and relaxing. There’s something about pampering yourself that feels really good. So today, I wanted to share my tips and tricks on my favorite at home mani-pedi products:

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I’m going to start with my feet and the pedicures I’ve been doing at home. I start with a lavender epsom salt foot soak and scrub. After my feet are super nice and clean I use a foot mask.  If you have never used a foot mask, you are missing out, and doing this at home, the mask can stay on as long as you like. 

Aliver Foot Mask: I found a foot mask by Aliver on Amazon.  First, Aliver Exfoliating Foot Mask comes in a four pack and each package is a different wearable sock foot mask, each with a different main ingredient but they all make your feet feel and look amazing. My favorite of the 4 is the lavender scented one, it just smells so good.  You also get an aloe, tea tree, and rose scented one in the set. I was pleasantly surprised how well they removed the calloused skin on my heels. My feet feel so soft and smooth for over a month each time I use these masks. I massaged in the leftover lotion before I washed the mask off.  And with this mask the benefits keep working, in 5-7 days the really tough callous are completely gone.  I really liked the way my feet look and feel after using these masks, definitely as good as a salon pedi.

inclusive model, nail art, at home spa tips

DIY Hand Scrub: Before I get to the fun polish part, I wanted to make my hands look pretty too. I make a scrub for my hands which I use before I polish my nails. My scrub I make from coconut oil, course natural sugar, honey and lemon.  I use about a tablespoon of hardened coconut oil, a teaspoon of sugar, tablespoon of honey, and a teaspoon of lemon.  I put a quarter of a lemon in a blender, skin an all, no seeds, and use all of it because the skin of the lemon has wonderful oils and lemons help lighten sun spots on your hands. I put all the ingredients into two plastic bags and then put my hands in the bags and let them stay on for about 15 minutes while I relax. When I remove my hands from the bags I leave the mixture on my hands and scrub my hands together, like I’m washing them, with no water. I do this for a minute or two and then wash everything off.

inclusive model, nail art, at home spa tips

Burts Bees Lavender & Honey Hand Cream: As for everyday hand and foot care I use Burts Bees Lavender & Honey hand cream. I just love the smell and it absorbs quickly and does not leave a sticky feel.  The moisturizing lasts  through hand washings and hand sanitizing really well too. I also like that you can get this everywhere. I also use Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme it comes in a little adorable tin and smells like fresh lemons. Ive been using this cuticle conditioner for a long time. I don’t like to have dry cracked cuticles, they hurt and this really is a unique product for your cuticles. The consistency of this cuticle creme is like chapstick and  really stays put.  I use a little on my cuticles on my fingers and toes a few times a week and it works really well to keep them soft and looking good all the time.

inclusive model, nail art, at home spa tips

Glam Glitter Nail Polish Stickers: I found a new way to “polish” well its not polish at all, its polish stickers, real polish in sticker form. I just cant believe how easy they are to use. They are beautiful, they come in solid colors, glitter colors, patterns, and overlays. You literally just find the right size in the neat little package, peal and stick them on,  they come with a prep pad to clean and prepare your nails and a cute little file to file away the unwanted edges, that is all, zero dry time and perfect lines and edges every time! And they remove easily with regular nail polish remover. Easy, Peasy. And, the monthly cost saving really add up. I use Color Street, Color Street is the number one best selling nail polish in the USA. They are made and shipped only in the USA. Color Street has been featured on the Today Show and in Allure Magazine I get mine from

My second choice of stick on polish is Incoco these are also by Color Street but you can purchase them at , they just don’t have as wide of variety as local distributors.

Let me know if you try any of these tips and tricks. Did it work for you? Also, what are your mani-pedi secrets? 

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